Metaphysical Supplies and 

Cultural Fashion


Sage,  Black Soap, Shay Butter. 

Natural hair and body products.


Candles, Gym Stones, Sage, E.Oils,

Sacred items for spiritual harmony.

Jewelry hair/ body, flags, dashikis.

From around the world jewelry, attire. 

Tools to help you get through life​


Yoga Class

Yoga Classes

Easy classes for beginners 

Kids / Family Yoga

Social emotional intelligence 

Couples Yoga

Intimate balance 

Healthy tune up for your body.





Readings with Gradian Angels, divine guides/spiritual team and past over loved ones.

 Relationships, Career, Life Path, Astrology, Tarot, Rune, Medium, Akashic Records.


Stand in your power and co create harmonious solutions.

Classes Online.