Marietta's metaphysical supply store, energy healings & cultural products to root you in culture and healing.

Our best sellers include sage, candles, essential oils, shea butter, black soap, flags, dashikis, bath salts from the apothecary, and conscious books .


Popular Saturday classes are meditation for inner connection, energy healings rooted in self-love and kids yoga club

Release | Renew | Radiate

Tools to help you get through life. 

Mondays - Saturday

10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday Closed

Natural Body Products
Children Praying

{ yoga classes}

Saturday Adults @ 10:00am-11am​

Decompress and relax with a soothing yoga hour.



Saturday Kids @ 11:30am-5:00pm

yoga, crafts, games &

social emotional intelligence

All services class are

by appointment

{Private Energy Healing}

- Saturday @ 12pm-2pm ​-

Connecting Heaven & Earth

Release unwanted negative energy​ and reclaim your power .

Chakra Tune Up

Harmonize the bodies 7 energy centers for ease of energy flow.

Healing Past Memories 

Healing past trauma that's holding you back from relationships, business or personally move forward in a healthy direction.

Core worries and conflict will be addressed. You will walk away with tools to keep you moving forward in life.

All services and class are

by appointment

Meditation|Inner Connection|Yoga 

- Saturday's  @ 4pm- 5:00pm -

Class Agenda:

30 min Guided Meditation & Yoga 

 30 min Intuitive Techniques and Tools.


This class is meant to encourage divine intuitive psychic development for this particular time we are facing.The intention is to support and awaken the intuitive higher self and energy body through yoga, meditation and intuitive skills dormant in your DNA and memory bank.

We will be using metaphysical tools from the shop to amplify intentions and teach creative ways to use them for harmony within yourself, your family and relationships.

Remember Queens and Kings who you are it is time step into your birthright. Remember...

Mondays - Saturday

10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday Closed

House of Earth 

124 Powers Ferry Rd Suite E.

Marietta Ga. 30067

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