Marietta's metaphysical supply , cultural fashion, energy and reiki healings. 

Popular shop items. Sage, candles, natural black soap, shea butter, world flags and dashikis.

Services offer yoga, reiki energy healing, psychic medium readings and intuitive development classes.

Metaphysical Supplies and 

Cultural Fashion


Sage,  Black Soap, Shay Butter. 

Natural hair and body products.


Candles, Gym Stones, Sage, E.Oils,

Sacred items for spiritual harmony.

Jewelry hair/ body, flags, dashikis.

From around the world jewelry, attire. 

Tools to help you get through life​


Yoga Class

Yoga Classes

Easy classes for beginners 

Kids / Family Yoga

Social emotional intelligence 

Couples Yoga

Intimate balance 

Healthy tune up for your body.


Psychic Medium



Readings with Gradian Angels, divine guides/spiritual team and past over loved ones.

Styles and types of readings: Relationships, Career, Life Path, Astrology, Tarot, Rune, Medium, Akashic Records.

Multi-sensory development classes available.


Stand in your power and co create harmonious solutions.