How to use Sage

Sage is a strong cleansing properties has been used by Natives four thousands of years they would burn incense to cleanse purifying the desired atmosphere, riding negative

energy for protection. Sage is respected for its abilities in cleansing oneself and space through smudging.

How to use it ?

First you burn and light the end of the Sage and wave it in the air or you can

just simply blow the smoke into the air. Then you can place the Sage gently into a heat

resistant container like a metal bowl or glass. Weather some are aware of it or not, You receive the best results taking a minute to breathe, then ask the sage to clearly cleanse the home. Evoking emotion, love, triumph, strength, and health. Positive vibes is like riding a wave.

How to smudge sage?

A easy method used to smudge the corners of

the home is to wave the figure 8 in each corner 8. Make sure to open the windows to let out the negative energy. The bundle carries conscious energetic awareness. Awaken your cells of awareness and with intention to ask the sage to clear and

cleanse the space. When you are doing so stand in your power, call on your angels, higher self or passed over loved ones.